Partying | Not Partying - Jathan Muhar/Batman

Partying: Jathan Muhar

This is a classic story of a boy that is wise beyond his years. Most kids take the typical doctor, fireman, astronaut route. Maybe just copy dad. Not Jathan. He thought about the future and what is more recession proof than being a superhero? This kid is going places. Congrats on your graduation, free I'm Partying shirt for Jathan!

Partying | Not Partying - Stanley Rafael Hill

Not Partying: Stanley Rafael Hill

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Check out this video of a commercial pilot arrested for smuggling cocaine from Columbia. Off duty pilot, Stanley Rafael Hill, was arrested for smuggling 62 balloons of cocaine in his stomach on a flight back from Columbia. One of the bags burst inside him, prompting him to call 911 upon his arrival back in the US. This video shows Hill racing out of court after posting a...

Partying | Not Partying - Spelling Bee Winners

The “Partying - Not Partying” daily blog shines light on people that have a reason to party and others that should simply hang their heads.


Partying: Ansun Sujoe and Sriram Hathwar

Congratulations to Ansun and Sriram for being the first co-champions of the National Spelling Bee since 1962. Personally, I would have liked to see them try to spell the other person's full name to win outright, but I guess in 2014 it makes sense to have multiple winners. Either way, I couldn’t spell one word in the entire contest so hats off to these guys. Ansun or Sriram,...

Seattle Is Partying

Seattle finally has a championship. After 35 years of major sports seasons ending in disappointment, teams moving away, and overall mediocracy, Seattle has a reason to celebrate. The Seahawks capped off an unbelievably impressive season with an even more unbelievably boring Super Bowl. That is - if you weren't rooting for Seattle. The last time a Seattle team hoisted a trophy at the end of a season was in 1979 when the Supersonics beat the Bullets to win the NBA finals, unless you include the WNBA's Seattle Storm who won in 2004 and 2010. But we don't. 

This has been...


Its been way too long but WERE BAAAAACCCKKKKK and ready to bring the PARTY.  The new site is definitely a work in progress but we wanted to make ourt shirts available to all.  We'll be posting a lot more and starting to roll out new products as the seasons get warmer.  Hit us up, we want to hear from you.  PARTY ON!